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About Laicatex Pvt. Ltd

Founded in 1990 on the lasting premise of providing continual innovation and support to our valued customers the LAICATEX (India) Pvt. Ltd Company continually strives to offer the best narrow elastic value in the market. The combination of competitive pricing, excellent quality and on-time service has enabled us to be the preferred market leader for more than 25 years.

Our operations consists of our own manufacturing plants in Surat, that produce uniquely designed and qualified narrow elastics and webbing. Our Admin office support these manufacturing locations with Sales, Customer Service, Technical expertise, Manufacturing consultation, Design, Research & Development and Purchasing functions.

Presently, we have been supplying various kinds of Tapes, Webbing and Elastic tapes etc; to various exporters throughout India for past several years & also to Garment sector, luggage sector, footwear, Shipping sector and many more industries.

Shri. Natverlal S. Mashruwala


Late Shri. Natverlal S. Mashruwala, a mind blowing personality in the mild Stone history of M/S "Hanbo Elastic Co." was establised in late 1970 for the manufacturing of "Narrow Woven Fabrics" to be deputed/reputed for being developed in Surat city and entire Gujarat State as well as various other states in India for the time during tenure period of 70th decade of 20th Century.

With his sincerity, honesty, and hard workmanship to be brought it in such a way in front of Modern generation and future generation to achieve the Fruitful result through his humble efforts for the same purpose.

In 1990, M/s LAICATEX (India) Pvt. Ltd was founded and renowed by Mr. Rajendra Natverlal Mashruwala from onwards this organization giving full filled the customer demands and new innovation day by day. making all type of elastic tapes and webbing of various width for various purpose.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to be the global leaders in the narrow fabrics industry and provide our experience and services to a greater number of people. We upgrade and update our technology in manufacturing narrow fabric products whenever necessary, in order to provide the best quality products to our customers and help them get the maximum from their purchase.

At LAICATEX (India) Pvt. Ltd, our mission is to create high quality products and solutions that meet our client's specific needs and develop cooperation partnerships with mutual benefit for all parts involved in the value creation.


M/s. Hanbo Elastic Company was founded 1970, till 1990 was run smoothly and gradually captured entire Gujarat as well as various other states in India. Through its gigantic activities, in 1991 "M/s. LAICATEX (India) Pvt. Ltd" founded by His great and renowned son Mr. Rajendra Mashruwala from onwards this Organization giving full efforts to fulfilled the customer's demands.

We have high speed imported needle looms and Crochet Looms for making all types of Tapes & Webbing of width range from 6mm to 300mm & thickness range from 0.25mm to 5.0mm. Our collections of weaving looms consist of light, medium & heavy duty types for making thin tapes like ribbons & extra thick tapes like heavy-duty webbing. We have well trained worker to work in our finishing machines & laboratory to keep check on Quality.

We have upgraded our facility with state of the art automated equipment that enables us to build high quality custom Woven Elastics and all types of Narrow Fabrics.